Privacy Policy
Regarding collection of personal information and its use:-
1) We handle your personal information within the limited purposes that are clearly indicated to you. We will not disclose your personal information to a third party unless agreed or if officially
required by the government / police.
2) We keep private information collected from individuals updated and correct. We also protect and exert all efforts to prevent it from unauthorized access, destruction, manipulation and leakage.
3) We have established a regime of a protection of personal information and have trained all our executives and employees to observe laws and ordinances regarding personal information and will
reiterate the measures required for data protection on a regular basis.
4) We observe the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan and other laws and ordinances associated. In addition, we undertake our Company compliance program as a part of Tailwind’s
continuous improvement philosophy.
5) We take measures to ensure that our employees and the public can obtain Zaisei’s privacy policy.
6) We will deal promptly and faithfully with clients requests such as inquiries about personal information and disclosure.